Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Born to Run

After finishing the book "Born to Run" by Christopher McDougall, I have a new outlook on life, training, and running. One of the main principles talked about in the book is running for fun. It's very important to find enjoyment in what you do.
The Tarahumara tribe are called the Running People because they can get up and run miles and miles and miles. Ultra-marathon miles. Now after just watching a marathon in Washington D.C. and seeing way to many bloody nipples, I have no desire to run long distances. But after reading this book and how the author touches on barefoot running and the vibram five fingers I am inspired to slip on my five toed shoes and run, play, and train parkour. Tarahumara live on simple diets consisting vegetables, pinole and chia, all of which I would like to adopt. They eat and live to always be ready to go. I feel many athletes who practice parkour look for this same way of living. To be strong and useful at any given notice. You could almost say the Tarahumara are ninjas..... running ninjas.
I highly recommend this book if you have ever ran in your life and I know you have, because we are all born to run.

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