Monday, May 3, 2010

My Journey

Victor, Luci, McLovin and I had some fun doing an interview and some freerunning for Journeys yesterday at UCLA. They are making a video to play in all of their stores that will include freeruning, base jumping, and various other sports. The theme is "My journey", so they are interviewing different people about their lives and what they do. In our case freerunning!
The crew was awesome and we should be getting the footage in a few weeks.


  1. Hi Paul! My name is Jenea and I am big fan of Twilight! I don't know how I found you and your blog, but your work in this film is very Great!
    Paul, I am very intersted, can I ask you a few questions about Twilight filming? I am not reporter, I am just one guy, who is interested only in my personal interests...

  2. Paul please write on my e-mail if you are agree!:)

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