Friday, August 21, 2009


My freerunning adventure has landed me in Sweden. From a national gathering in Colorado, to the World Championships in London, then all the way to Sweden for the Red Bull Art of Motion. Freerunning, it takes you places.
I'm with my team up in Helsingborg, Sweden where the stage for the comp is located in the stairs of a castle (pretty epic). We have been here for a week, hanging out with the guys from team Red Bull knows how to treat their athletes. They hooked us up with a 3 bdrm apartment just two small blocks away from the areana. The event is scheduled for tomorrow night where I will be sitting on a tower along with 4 other judges watching the competition. Judging is a lot easier on the body, but very difficulty with the level of talent that will be competing. Will it be the bulgarian? or the swedes with the home court advantage? maybe the strength of the UK? or a little nugget from USA?
It's going to be a fun event to watch. Make sure to search for all the youtube clips.

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